Shipping of vehicles is not new, it has a long history because people used to travel via the shipping industry during the time when the technology for other modes of traveling like airlines, railways, etc hadn’t come into existence. Back then, all the car manufacturer companies sought the help of cargo shipping industry in order to import/export their vehicles. Today, the shipping industry in still in existence and individuals can bank on it in order to ship their vehicles from one city to another or for overseas shipping.

OK How Is It Shipped?

  • Before you choose a company for yourself and kick start the process it is essential to know how your vehicle will be shipped. Therefore educating yourself about the entire process is advisable as it would prove to be useful and helpful for you to determine the best company for shipping your vehicle. After all, there are so many automobile shipping companies out there that the task of narrowing down your options becomes a tad confusing and intimidating. Broadly speaking, there are two types of transportation companies in the context of shipment of automobiles: brokers and carriers. Out of the two, a broker is comparatively easy to find as they are omnipresent on the World Wide Web!

What Is A Transport Broker?

  • So, who are brokers? Well, these are companies that help you choose a carrier for your vehicle out of the myriad options present. Brokers are easily available online and it is extremely easy to get through to them too. All you need to do is to fill up a request form for quote and they would get back to you with the options! A broker acts as a mediator between the customer and the carrier and they ensure that the entire process of shipment is carried out safely and smoothly. While these brokers are extremely helpful because they present you with the options, it is up to you to make the ultimate decision of picking out a carrier from the ‘platter’ presented to you by broker. In order to make the right decision, it is essential for you to understand the different types of carriers existing in the industry.

Open Auto Carrier

  • The first type of carrier is the open auto carrier. This is an extremely common and cost-effective option. The carrier here basically uses a truck to carry the vehicle from the source to its destination. Since the vehicle is transported ‘openly’ with no cover over head in order to protect it, therefore the chances of damage occurring to the exposed vehicle are quite high. The exposure invites environmental hazards and elements to attack the vehicle. Nevertheless, you can choose a reputable company to minimize the risk of damage to your car if you want to transport your vehicle overland.

Enclosed-carrierEnclosed Shipping Carrier

  • Next up is the enclosed auto shipping carrier, which is the preferred solution when it comes to shipment of luxurious or high-end vehicles. Unlike the open auto transport carrier option, the trucks carrying the vehicles to be transported are enclosed in this case, therefore your vehicle would not even suffer a scratch! On the downside, this kind of solution is costlier and it takes longer for the process to be completed.

Flatbed Auto Transporter

  • The third kind of carrier is the flatbed auto transporter. This is the least popular solution out of the three, but nevertheless it is an option, hence it earns a spot in the list of different types of carriers! The reason why this isn’t preferred is that this kind of carrier or transporter only hauls specific types of vehicles such as pickup trucks, oversized vans, bulldozers and vehicles which cannot be rolled on and off the carrier. Since this kind of carrier is capable of performing what the other two carriers cannot therefore it charges high fees. On the bright side, it does make it possible to transport such large, bulky and unconventional vehicles, which is definitely a plus point!

Thus, now that you are aware of the different types of carriers existing in the shipping industry, it is now time for you to determine the type of carrier that you will be requiring. Good luck!